About Richard Irwin

Richard Irwin

I am a lecturer in motion graphics, but my career started out in Photography many years ago.

I am an image-junkie I guess, and I have no particular preference for photography subjects, or the kit, I'll use whatever camera I have at hand.

My DSLR gear is all Nikon (D3, D500), and only used for wildlife photography, which is my passion, but I have also use of other cameras for day-to=day photography. I currently switch between a Fuji XPro2 and love using legacy lenses on an old Sony A7.

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Photography Equipment

My main Cameras:
Nikon D500, D800, D3
Sony A7
Fuji XPro2

Other Cameras I get to use or borrow:
Epson R-D1
Leica M8

and a Voigtlander Bessa T when I feel in the mood for film.