About Richard Irwin

Richard Irwin

I am a lecturer in motion graphics, but my career started out in Photography many years ago.

I am an image-junkie I guess, and I have no particular preference for photography subjects, or the kit, I'll use whatever camera I have at hand.

My usual camera gear is a mixture of DSLR & CSC kit for various purposes so a Nikon D500 for wildlife photography, and a Sony A7R2 for everyday use.
However, I also enjoy the purity of both film and digital rangefinder cameras as I also own a 35mm Voigtlander plus an Epson R-D1 & a Leica M8 with both Voitgtlander and Jupiter lenses.

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Photography Equipment

My main Cameras:
Nikon D500 (Wildlife, Action) with fast telephoto lenses.
Sony A7R2 (General Purpose) with Samyang 24mm and 35mm AF lenses
Fuji XPro2 (Travel) with 12mm, 23mm, 35mm and 60mm lenses

Other Cameras I own:
Epson R-D1
Leica M8

and a Voigtlander Bessa T when I feel in the mood for film.